In Season:

Before every game there will be a "Opponent Scouting Report." Either the day before the game, or the day of if it is on a back to back.


After every game there will be "Game Recap/Notes" I (usually) start these posts immediately after the conclusion of the game, and they generally take about an hour to complete. So all in all it should generally be up 2 hours after the game is done at the latest.


On off days I may do various sorts of musings on a specific issue or player. 



Every player will receive a post with a review of the whole season.

Every player on the roster will also receive a post previewing the upcoming season for said player.

Some (but not a ton) of draft coverage.

Potential trade and free agent targets.



Any trade or free agent aquisition will recieve its own post, regardless of how significant the move appears to be and/or when it happens.