Sunday Morning Roundup

This is a new thing, but I hope for it to be a regular thing. A general walk around the NBA and various things to touch on. Obviously this week will be pretty heavily focused on the just finished Finals.


On the Finals being a sweep:

This was always going to be the result. The Cavs were one of the weakest Finals teams in a couple of decades, this Warriors group is quite possibly the greatest team ever assembled. LeBron is so good that he was able to get through the East, but whether it had been the Warriors or Rockets across from him it would've ended this way. One player can only do so much. It is too bad that the Cavs blew game 1, that should've been a legendary performance like when Allen Iverson's Sixers took one from the Lakers, but it doesn't change that the series would've simply gone 5 instead of 4.


On LeBron's playoffs:

Getting swept in the finals doesn't change that this was quite possibly the greatest playoff run of any single player ever. It was absurd. 34 points, 9.1 rebounds, 9 assists, 1.4 steals, 1.0 blocks, all on a true shooting percentage of 61.9%. I hope everyone enjoyed it because you never know when that sort of dominance will pass. LeBron will be great well into his 30s barring a catastrophic injury, but at some point he will go from being the best to ever do it to just great. And we probably won't notice until it has long passed.

Also, with the whole hand injury: On one hand, what a bone-headed thing to do. You could see that LeBron was not quite right the final 3 games. So maybe if he hadn't hurt himself he had more perfect performances in his pocket to give the Cavs a chance. I doubt it, but maybe. On the other hand, the dude had a nearly broken hand and put up 28/8/8 against the greatest team ever put together. 


On the Warriors:

This is the most stacked team since the Russell Celtics when you simply consider the amount of the league's talent on one team. Kevin Durant has every right to play wherever he wants, so I don't take issue with him specifically, but it isn't good for basketball. Durant makes them totally invincible. Curry and Klay occasionally have off nights shooting, especially if you are able to play consistently great defense to keep their beautiful motion offense in check, slow down the game, and make it a rock fight. That is how the totally injured Cavs took them to 6 games in LeBron's first year back in Cleveland, that's how they beat them the next year. Now if you try and slow it down to a rock fight the Warriors can toss Kevin Durant at you, who happens to be one of the greatest isolation scorers to ever live and actually prefers the rock fights. Good for the Warriors and their fans, good for Durant to get two Finals MVPs, but I hope this team gets broken up somehow. Durant leaving the Warriors for a non-Boston team would probably be the best possible thing that could happen.

On Finals MVP:

Steph was great, quite frankly it was the first Finals were Steph really seemed to be fully himself. No one will be talking about how he was secretly hurt the whole playoffs this year. But that game 3 stands out too much I think. Steph totally wet the bed that night, and Durant single-handedly won them that game. I wouldn't have been upset had Steph won, but Durant was the right choice. 


That's all for this week. The topics will be wider ranging next week.